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Hi, welcome to the VMD Remote Control testing family

VMD Remote Control allows you to remotely control a VMD session running on your desktop computer. It requires you to have VMD 1.9.2 or later, from the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois, installed on your computer and does NOT give you the ability to run VMD _ON_ your Android device. Once this app is connected to a running VMD session you can use it rotate, translate, and pinch 'n zoom your system. It can be used to move through the frames of a trajectory that you have loaded into VMD and can also act as a tracker. Script authors can configure the four user buttons to perform whatever VMD action they desire, and there is a 'demo' buttonset that you can use to test things. Visit the website for more information on the usage of the app. Visit for more information on the VMD program.

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